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myGCP. More than GCP training.

The online ICH/GCP knowledge base for clinical research professionals.

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myGCP. More than GCP training.

myGCP supports clinical research professionals.

myGCP is a regulatory intelligence solution for clinical researchers in biotech, pharma, CRO's and hospitals.  It consists of accredited Good Clinical Practice (GCP) e-learning modules, an online community, tools, news updates, cases and exams.

We support you, the clinical research professional, to focus on your core business: the development of new treatments for patients. You learn about the essential rules and regulations applicable to your role in an active, fun and practice-based way. We provide you with continuous access to compliance knowledge and explain how clinical research is set up and conducted according to the regulations, such as Good Clinical Practice, the EU Regulation and Privacy laws. When regulations are changed, we pro-actively send you monitored version updates, allowing you to remain compliant. myGCP works with all modern browsers, and is designed for mobile and tablet use. 

GCP knowledge results in improved quality of clinical research in pharma, biotech and healthcare. To ensure your research results are internationally accepted and make the difference.