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Basic CFR course for clinical trials in the USA
€ 65
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Learn about the principles the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) add to the ICH-GCP expectations and get a detailed understanding of the knowledge required for clinical trials in the USA.


  • 3 hours
  • 1 online module, including 7 chapters
  • Available in English
  • Online certificate
  • Highly interactive
  • Written by CFR experts
  • FDA-focused training
  • Including expert interviews
  • Including practical case scenarios & handy tools
  • Unique addition to your ICH-GCP knowledge (*prerequisite)


Our CFR online course for clinical research in the USA is ideal for individuals involved in the setup and conduct of clinical (drug) trials in the USA, who need to learn about the additional requirements by the FDA. 

This course is especially applicable to anyone involved in the Design, Conduct, Oversight, or Management of Clinical Trials with Drugs and/or Biologics in the USA, such as Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Sponsors, Investigators, Key Study Personnel, Research Nurses, and Clinical Research Coordinators.

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