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The Clinical Study
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Our course on basic knowledge about clinical trials is aimed at anyone who wants to gain access to clinical trials in a clear and simple way. 

Our approximately 45-minute, interactive offers you the opportunity to take the online course on your smartphone, tablet, or PC, whenever and wherever. A modular structure and the associated division into content chapters enables an individual learning experience at your own pace. After successfully completing the final test, you will receive a Forschungsdock Akademie Certificate.
Who is this course for?  

The introductory course is aimed at all interested parties and can serve as a basis for further seminars on the topic.  In this way, functions that only marginally have to do with the study conduct (e.g. nurses and home healthcare nurses, GDP couriers and others)  learn interesting and important basics on clinical studies in a well-prepared and condensed form.

What content is delivered? 

The course content covers the following areas:

  • Introduction to the topic and history of clinical studies
  • Conducting studies today: Principles and responsibilities
  • Some aspects on the methodology of clinical studies
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