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EU CTR Conduct
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Our EU CTR Conduct e-learning course gives you the essentials on the upcoming EU CTR regulation, as well as an in-depth understanding of how to conduct clinical drug research according to the new EU regulation, such as safety and trial reporting, submitting amendments, and quality control. Learn how to avoid breaches and quality issues, and what to do if they happen, as well as learning how to collaborate effectively.


  • 3,5 hours
  • 2 modules (Introduction, during and after the study)
  • Knowledge test with 20 questions and 3 attempts
  • Available in Dutch and English
  • Accreditation 
  • Focussed on clinical research in Europe
  • Online EU CTR certificate with a testscore of 80 or higher


The e-learning EU CTR Conduct is intended for everyone in Europe involved in the conduct of clinical drug research. The e-learning offers a complete overview of the impact of the new regulation for conducting clinical drug research. The e-learning is perfect for research nurses and medical doctors involved in drug research.

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