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Your MDR course

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Your MDR course on the go

MDR Course for Clinical Research
€ 199
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The Medical Device Regulation (MDR) course for Clinical Research is the perfect solution for investigators and research professionals involved in clinical trials with medical devices in Europe, who need to know what has changed since the MDR is in force.


  • 4 hours
  • Modular and at your own pace
  • 6 modules (The Basics, Scope of MDR, Submitting, Safety Reporting and Modifications, Post-Marketing Follow-Up and Vigilance reporting)
  • Knowledge test with 25 questions
  • Available in Dutch and English
  • Focussed on clinical research in Europe
  • Online certificate with a test score of 80 or higher


NOTE: This course does not cover the local laws and regulations that apply to medical device research in specific European Member states, such as the Netherlands.

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