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Expert ECTR Course for Clinical Drug Trials in Europe


Our all inclusive Expert ECTR Course for Clinical Drug Trials in Europe helps you understand all the vital aspects of the ECTR regulation. You’ll learn all strategic elements, from study design, to submission, to clinical conduct in our course, making you the ECTR expert. This course teaches you everything you need to know about this new regulation, and you’ll walk away with a complete deep dive into ECTR regulation.


  • 7,5 hours
  • 4 modules (Basis, preparing for a submission, submitting and assessing, during and after the study)
  • Knowledge test with 40 questions
  • Available in Dutch and English
  • Accreditation
  • Focussed on clinical research in Europe conducted in The Netherlands
  • Online ECTR certificate with a testscore of 80 or higher


The e-learning Expert ECTR Course for Clinical Drug Trials in Europe is intended for everyone who is responsible for product development and management, drug research design and / or strategic decisions. The e-learning offers a comprehensive insight into working according to the requirements of the new European legislation for clinical drug research, the ECTR. The e-learning is perfect for research and science coordinators, principal investigators (Investigator initiated research), Sponsors, Medical Directors, Head of ClinOps, Study Directors, Project Managers, CRAs, Monitors and people responsible for submitting dossiers.

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